Monday, June 25, 2007

A very sad Honda Civic

Here lies the once well-taken care of, properly-running, lovely Silver Honda Civic that belonged to the Allens.One sad day in May, Scott, Tasha, and Emery were on their way home from Chucky Cheese and some ice cream and they were driving south on Columbia Avenue. Scott was taking a quick look at the scenery, then when he looked back he saw they were rushing the stopped car in front of them. He slammed on his brakes, but as his foot went down it slipped off the brake and hit the clutch. They hit the car in front of them at about 30-35 MPH. The other car only had a scratch on the back bumper... obviously the Civic had much more damage than that. Tasha, Emery and Scott are all doing great. They escaped with some wicked bruises and that is it. They are grateful to be safe and ok. Luckily they had collision insurance on their car, so they will be getting some money to help get another one ... poor little Civic...

Emery Jean Allen

Now introducing, the amazing, the lovely, the talented...

Scott and Tasha love taking pictures of their beautiful daughter!

Emery is so smart. She's only 21 months old, but can already say things like "Nacho!" and "More?" Emery also signs to her parents when she wants or needs things.

The Allen Family

Welcome to the first post of the Allen Family Blog!Here is Tasha and Scott on their May 2007 cruise. They loved every minute of it!
They even helped some illegal immigrants enter the United States...

And they of course dress up nicely.