Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Twilight baby... WHAT?

For some reason I get a lot of comments from people that my baby could be the Twilight Baby. Maybe her cute little teethies have something to do with...
And believe it or not... I have yet to read Twilight or see the movie. Maybe one day. I actually have my sisters' copy of the book and the movie at my house right now. I read the first chapter am just a little weirded out by the idea of vampires.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Fun!

We have been so busy, busy around here that I am so far behind on posting. We were so lucky to have been able to go visit my family in Utah for 3 weeks! Sharalee and I drove out to Utah just before Memorial Day so that we could be there for the Stokes Family Reunion. That was a big adventure in and of itself. While in Utah we went to Kelsey's graduation, visited with friends and famiy, ate at Cafe Rio, went to a concert, I got to sew a lot, we cooked a lot, went to Emily's singing concert, went to the Farmer's market, the movies, ate at Cafe Rio again, stayed up late, went to every quilt shop in town, watched David play baseball, ran the Springville Art City Days 5k, and we threw a big bash for my mom's 50th birthday! Scott and Steve joined us in time for that. While Scott was there we went to the temple and also to Salt Lake to see Temple Square. Scott served his mission in Salt Lake City, so he took us around and told us many stories of his adventures there. After that we were all off to Disneyland for a week! What a blast! Although we did come home with 2 sick kids. Yeah pink eye, strep throat, and double ear infections is a rough time!
We recovered from that just in time to have Scott's sister and her 5 kids come to town. We spent every day for 10 days with them. We swam, played games, ate, did a talent show, stayed up way too late, celebrated birthdays, swam more, ate more, went bowling, and we all participated in the "AL"-ympics! For the "AL"- ympics, aka Allen Olympics, we did a water fight, Dance Dance Revolution competition, Apples to Apples competition, and a paper airplane competition. SUPER fun! Thanks Chaz for putting it together.
As soon as they left we spent the rest of the week with my sister Kimberly who was in town. We went bowling, blueberry picking, played games, ate S'mores, swam, ate at McDougal's and went to see "Up"! She was here and spent July 4th with us! Now Kim is gone and party time is over...
It has been fun, but we are ready for a bit of rest!

We got to see Whitney's headstone for the first time! It is BEAUTIFUL!

Temple Square