Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Little Helper

Ok, so Emery has always been one to join me in any task I am doing and loves being a "Big Helper". I have always encouraged this even though sometimes, as most moms would know, it tends to make more work for me. I just figured I would teach her now because most kids probably go through a stage of wanting to be "BIG" and then it just kind of gets old. Well tonight I was in the bathroom fixing my hair and Emery came in and told me that she "Put all the things away". So I asked her "what things?" and as I said that I looked up and she was holding an empty laundry basket that before that was full of folded clothes. I did not doubt that she put everything away but just to make sure I asked her to show me where she put everything. She then proceeded to show me where she put her jammies, her clothes, Maycie's birpcloths, etc. Out of all that laundry the only thing that she didn't put in the right place was her dress but that was because her dress hangs in the closet and she can't reach so she put it in the drawer where the rest of her play clothes are. So how's that for a responsible 2 year old?? Ok, so she'll be 3 next month, but still!! Just a proud Mommy moment!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Delivery

I haven't had a chance to sit down and blog about the delivery of our sweet new bundle of joy, Maycie!! As many of you know Maycie was a week late. I was given the option to be induced up to a week before her due date but my body had shown NO signs of getting ready for labor so I didn't want to chance something happening because I wasn't ready. My doctor said that the latest he could schedule an induction was 10 days after the due date so we went ahead and scheduled it for then in hopes that I would just go into labor on my own before then!
So 2 days after my due date I went in to the doctor and still NO signs of labor; no effacing, no dilating... the next day my mom came in town and that night I started having some contractions but then they went away for a few more days... Five days after my due date I went in to the doctor and there was good news I had actually dilated to a 2!! I was induced 8 days late with Emery because I had not dilated or effaced so this was a big deal that I had progress without being induced!! Well 2 more days passed with a few contractions here and there... by this time I was starting to feel a little frustrated because I knew that there were only a few days until I would be induced and I really wanted to go into labor on my own! It was Saturday and it seemed like such a long day... We went through the daily routine of get a shower, eat, get a nap just in case I go into labor! Sharalee called in the afternoon and had the great idea to go out on a date that night to get our minds off of it. So my sister Emily watched all the kids so that Sharalee, Steve, my mom, Scott and I could go out for dinner. We decided to go to Outback for dinner and made a reservation for 7:15. On the way there we stopped to drop Steve's computer off to get repaired and while waiting for him I started feeling a few contractions but just kind of disregarded them. We got to Outback soon after that and while we were waiting to be seated the contractions really started coming on strong! Even though we had a reservation we sat there for 20 minutes and were still not seated. I decided that we should probably just go because the contractions were coming strong and often. We left Outback with our mouths watering and decided to run somewhere quick and get take out! We had seen a friend drive by while we were driving to Outback so Steve called him and he came to take Steve home to watch the kids and the rest of us were off to the hospital! We go to the hospital by 8:30 and they were VERY busy! We sat down to get checked in and another couple was right behind us and there were 2 more people in the ER getting ready to come up so the lady was trying to keep it all organized. We finally got back to triage probably 30 minutes later and by 9:30 they were able to check me and I was dilated to a 5-6. So they got me a room quite quickly and we asked for an epidural right away! By this time the contractions were very strong but I was able to endure them pretty well. When we got to our room we were trying to get my mom, Sharalee and Kris (Scott's mom) back there because they were going to watch the birth but the nurses said to wait until I got the epidural because they would have to be out of the room for that anyway! Well I wished we told them where my room was anyway because they were so busy at the hospital that I didn't get my epidural until around 10:30. And up until that point they were dying waiting in the waiting room. We were calling and texting them with all the updates but were afraid that they were almost going to miss it all!! By the time I got the epidural and they all got back there with us the nurse checked me again and I was dilated to 8-9. So they prepped the room to deliver and call the doctor! Once the epidural started kicking in I was quite relieved but was feeling a lot of pressure and knew the baby was coming soon. While waiting for the doctor get there everyone was making guesses on what time the baby would come and how much she would weigh. It seemed like it took forever for the doctor to get there because I kept feeling a lot of pressure when the contractions came and it was making me nervous. The doctor got there at about 11:20 and got all scrubbed up and then when we starting getting ready to push I just stopped having contractions. Of Course!! It wasn't very long before they got going again and I was able to start pushing. I did not have to push much before the baby was born at 11:42 PM on August 2, 2008. And we were all SHOCKED at how much she weighed!! Even the doctor and nurse after seeing her before they put her on the scale guessed 8 1/2 pounds (they deliver babies often and usually come within a few ounces of what the baby weighs). But our little Maycie was a whopping 9 lb 7 oz!! Welcome Baby Maycie!! We love you! And thank you to Scott, Mom, Sharalee, and Kris for being there to be a great support!! And also to Tom (Scott's dad) who was so anxiously waiting in the waiting room!! I've never seen such a proud Pop as when he walked in the room to see his newly born granddaughter! .... PRECIOUS MOMENTS like this will never be forgotten! I know that my Heavenly Father knows what is best for me. It took a lot of patience to wait and see if I would go into labor on my own. But in the end the timing couldn't have been better. Sharalee was back from Mindy's wedding, mom was in town, and it was the weekend so Steve could watch the kids so Sharalee could be there. As hard as some days were that week I still felt a lot of peace in the decisions we had so prayerfully made to schedule the induction later. And we didn't even have to wait that long!