Sunday, October 4, 2009

4 on the 4th!

Today was Emery's 4th birthday!

I cannot believe that I have a 4 year old. Oh my how time flies. On Friday we took Emery to get her hair cut, which was very special for her because it was her first time at the salon. I usually cut her hair myself. We then went to her favorite place for dinner, McDougal's Chicken Fingers. And then that night she went to have a sleepover with Kinzy and Kaylie. Since Sharalee and Steve were out of town Mama Sharon was there watching the kids. For breakfast the next morning Mama Sharon fed them ICE CREAM w/sprinkles and M&M's, and Banana Bread... Oh and pears! They are so spoiled! Our tradition is to have a pancake(with a candle) breakfast for our kids birthdays. We did it at Sharalee's house so we could watch General Conference with them. Then after General Conference we celebrated with family and friends at our house. Emery wanted a Dora cake but since I am not a fan of character cakes I asked her if she had any other ideas. She said a rainbow cake would be good. So rainbow cake it is. And I, loving to create in the kitchen, went all out and even died the cake in rainbow colors. Emery LOVED it!

Ok, so I am proud of the cake!