Saturday, July 26, 2008

Due Date and Still no Maycie

Do I look ready or what??

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh So Cute!!

Ok, so this last week waiting for Maycie to get here has felt VERY long!! We were going to the pool almost every day but now it is so hot that swimming is almost unbearable. So I have been doing many projects to keep me busy and help time pass... I will post more on that later.

Well today I decided that I would attempt to cut Emery's hair. We have been talking about doing it for awhile now to help even it out. Well my first attempt wasn't so great because I just kind of cut it all straight across. So I thought that we would just wait until this afternoon and take her in to the salon to have them give it a little shape. After about an hour of staring at it and hating it I thought that I would attempt to do it myself. I just wanted it to be shorter in the back than in front. Well this is what we ended up with!! I have to say that I am pretty proud of it. It isn't perfect but who would notice??

Thursday, July 17, 2008


My sister Sharalee and I are both pregnant! It has been kind of fun being pregnant at the same time as her. I am due July 26 (Girl) and she is due September 26 (Boy)!!

I really wanted to get this picture taken because we are both now showing and she left out of town until after I'm due. So we didn't want to miss the chance to get a picture together in case I have the baby before she gets back. Sharalee comes back and my mom gets here on July 29! So I am really kind of hoping that Maycie will wait until then to come. I think that the chances of that are good considering Emery was 8 days late and so far with 9 days left I have not made any progress. We will see!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So Fresh!!

Emery and I stopped by a local produce stand today on our way home from the pool to pick up some fresh produce for dinner tonight and tomorrow. Emery is such a lover of fruits and vegetables!! While we were there she helped me pick out cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, and peaches! Yum! As soon as we got in the car she was begging me to eat the green beans, and could not understand why we would need to cook them first.
Well, sure enough, we had been home for about an hour and Emery was being a bit too quiet so I went to find out what she was doing and she had helped herself to a HUGE tomato (she just ate the whole thing like an apple) and was about to take a bite of the cucumber!! She just could not help herself. She really loves garden fresh veggies!! We cannot wait until our garden is ready to pick and eat!! We already have lettuce and a few of our tomatoes are starting to turn red. Yahoo!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Not So Bad This Time!!

I am getting very excited and anxious to have this baby!! I only have a few weeks left and I am very uncomfortable and don't sleep well. All along this time I have been saying "at least I'm not swollen like I was last time". Well I couldn't really remember just how swollen I was when I was pregnant with Emery so I started looking through all of my pics and I did find a picture of my feet. I had forgotten just how bad it was!! This is a picture of my feet when I was 33 weeks pregnant with Emery. Just imagine what they looked like 8 weeks later when I finally had her.

Needless to say, I can't complain too much because I have not even swelled at all this time!! I am just happy I don't look like this!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


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This weekend we celebrated Scott's Dad's 60th Birthday!! His mom planned a weekend for everyone to be here. Scott's brother and sister even came in from Ohio and South Carolina with all of their kids to SURPRISE him. We were all at his house and surprised him Saturday morning when he came home from his bike ride. He was just so happy that he was laughing and grinning from ear to ear! We took family pictures that morning and then in the evening we celebrated with everyone at Carrabba's for dinner. We spent all day Sunday together and on Monday we went to the Lake for the day!! It was such a blast! We really enjoyed this wonderful weekend together building memories with everyone!! We love you Gram and Pop!! Thank YOU!!