Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What a Relief!!

We have this big closet in one of the rooms in our house and have never been able to use the space very well. The closet just had some cheap wire shelves that were not even wide enough to hold a rubbermaid container. And we also put a bookshelf in there to hold albums and games. So needless to say, everything that we tried to store in there ended up on the floor and the closet was just a mess.
So my wonderful FIL came to the rescue. He spent all last week building us the most wonderful shelves!! Thanks Tom!! Now we feel nice and organized. I forgot to take a picture before we started cleaning out the closet but this will give you an idea of the before and after!! These pictures really don't do it justice.




Notice all the EXTRA space!! We now have a spot for our food storage!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


34 Weeks - 6 Weeks to go!!

I realized that I have not been posting much about my pregnancy and how things are going. Everything is going great! Besides being quite tired, and having heartburn like never before I am doing great!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


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We just got back from a wonderful trip to the Beach!! We went to a place just right outside Gulf Shores, AL called Fort Morgan. We went with Scott's family and the Bickmore Family (close family friends). We stayed in a beach house on a very quiet private beach which made it all the better. We had fun searching for sea shells and crabs and we even saw sting rays and dolphins!! What an adventure it was for Emery. I don't think she has ever had so much fun in her life. It is so fun now that she is a little older to see her just so happy and excited to see and learn new things. After a few days of being at the beach there was a spot that the sand had washed up a lot and it was very shallow (it barely went to Emery's knees) about 25-30 feet out. So this was just a perfect spot for Emery and her cousins to play. There were still waves but they were not rough enough to knock her over. Ever since we have been home she can't stop talking about it!!

This is a video of Scott and Emery Boogie Boarding. At the end of the clip you can tell that it was very shallow, which made it hard to boogie board. It was a bit more deep the first few days that we were there and that's when we got some good boogie boarding time in. After that the sand started to wash up more and that made it shallow. This was our last day there.


I know it has been way too long since I last posted!! I have just been a slacker at blogging. We have been so busy so I am not really going to "catch-up" but will just let you know of the recent goings on!!