Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finger Lickin' Good

Last night for dinner I made BBQ ribs. YUM! As soon as Emery came to the table she saw them and with a smirk said, "What is that?!" We told her it was ribs and she said that she didn't like them. Emery is not a picky eater and we do have the rule that we must at least try 1 bite of everything. Emery tried her bite and couldn't get enough. She probably ate 4-5 herself!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

When You Wish...

Emery and I went on a date on Friday night!! We went to see a play called "When You Wish", a Disney Musical. Emery put her Cinderella dress on and we were off! She thought that it was great that just she and I were going, WITHOUT MAYCIE!!

Waiting for the show to start!

A friend of ours from our ward was Snow White in the play! She did great!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Girl

Today is Maycie's First Birthday!!
Just one of Maycie's many silly faces
Mom, are you sure this is ok!?!

Maycie has beautiful curly hair. She is full of life and is developing a sense of humor like her daddy's. She loves to make us laugh! Maycie loves to read books, pat her knees to "We Will Rock You"(taught by Emery), wrestle with daddy, and play with Emery. Maycie is already proving to be a girly girl. She can often be found playing with purses and whenever we try shoes on at the store, she smiles and twirls her feet around! Whenever we see a dog she barks and pats her knee(sign language). She loves to EAT! And this girl can EAT! Although Maycie is so much fun and full of energy, she also has a very loving sweet side. She is often found holding and loving on a baby doll or stuffed animal or cuddling with her lovey! And she gives us many loves and kisses as well! We love you sweet Maycie!

Last night we celebrated with family, friends, food and Loads of FUN!
It is tradition for us to wake up and make pancakes a candle for our kids birthdays. But since it was fast Sunday we decided to do that for dinner for Maycie's Birthday.
And because Sharalee and Steve were not able to make it to her party they have invited for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate! Maycie just has the birthday that doesn't end!

Maycie loves all of her new toys! And just notice the cute skirt. Yes I made it! And I made the lovely birthday hat