Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Day of Remembrance

It has been 2 years now since my sister Whitney passed away. It has been long enough that some days it is hard for me to really remember what her voice sounds like. Somedays all I want is to hear her voice. I do have some videos and there are many pictures to remind me of the memories and I am grateful for that.
We love you sweet Whitchick!
Oh and by the way, whenever Scott or I wear our shirt with Whitney on it people ask if it is Brittany Spears!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Age Aint Nothin' But a Number!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful wife!!!

It is definitely a time to celebrate this wonderful woman and the many things that she does on a daily basis. Without Tasha I don't know where I would be right now. Everyday I can't help but think how lucky I am to have her in my life. I LOVE this women!! I am not a man of great words, but Tasha, I love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I'm off to make some of my world famous mug cake and wake Tasha from her beauty sleep to sing to her! Please join me in wishing this amazing woman happy birthday! (you don't have to make her a cake though...)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why Mormons Build Temples

The temple is a place where I go to be reminded of the Plan that our Heavenly Father has for me. There is no place better than the temple to get away from the worries of this world we live in. It is a place that I like to go often. Every time I step foot into a temple I feel an instant sense of peace. I leave the temple lifted up knowing that Heavenly Father will be with me every step of the way through my journey in life.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

Emily turns 12
Emily is so sweet with kids
Emily is a good singer
Emily is VERY good at basketball
Emily is smart
Emily has a contagious smile
Emily is good at playing games
Emily is good at making smoothies
Emily is a fashionista
Emily is fun to play with (Emery's suggestion)
Emily is always willing to help
Emily is beautiful
We love you Emily

This morning when we told Emery that it was Emily's Birthday she got very excited and made this cake for Emily and came out singing Happy Birthday to Emily! I couldn't help but get a video of it! SO CUTE!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Popcorn Popping

Today we were driving home from the Library and Emery said that she
"would like to try some of the Popcorn from the trees!"
When we got home she ran to one of the trees with blossoms and then came back disappointed.
She said, "Ohhh! Mom they are just little white flowers."
I then had to explain that they only just look like popcorn, but that the flowers are beautiful.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Alright All You Huggies Fans Out There!

Many of you that know me know that I love to coupon and bargain shop! Who doesn't love to get a good deal, RIGHT? Well, this one I thought was blog-worthy because I know there are many Mama's that read this that could benefit from CHEAP diapers. Ok, so here is the deal:

Find your local Walgreen's!! They are doing a deal that if you purchase $25 (before coupons) worth of Huggies then you get a coupon for $10 off your next purchase. Huggies are on sale for $10/pack. So where are the coupons? You can just print them right from your computer! Click here. There is a $5 off and a $3 off. You will have to scroll through to find them. You are only allowed to print 2 of each coupon per computer. So if you have more than one computer you are in luck, and I am jealous! To print twice you first print the first and then you click back and refresh the page then it will print out the second one.

The math:

3 pack of Huggies= $30
- (3) $5 off coupons
= $15 for 3 packs and you will get a coupon for $10 off your next purchase
So it is like you are getting 3 packs for $5

If you are like me and know this is a good deal and want to stock up then you will find more coupons and do the deal again only you will use the $10 off coupon that you just got. So you will truly only be paying $5 for your diapers and you will still have another $10 off coupon. When I get the $10 coupons I use them for more diapers or milk, or it would even be a good way to get some Easter candy! HAVE FUN! And let me know if you decide to try it out!

To really add to the FUN I will gather my Garnier and Colgate coupons and get some FREE hair products and toothpaste while I'm there!

What other really good deals am I getting this week? Cheerios and Toilet Paper FREE, oh and we are meeting Scott for lunch to get FREE Quizno's subs! And I am getting Ritz crackers and Wheat Thins for $.70/box!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Does the Tiger Say!?!

When we were at the zoo we stopped to see the tigers and all of the kids were growling at them. Maycie got really excited and I thought I may have heard a growl out of her too! Well that night while we were eating dinner, Emery was telling Daddy all about the zoo and then we asked Maycie what the tiger says and then we said "Rrr!" and she repeated. What a smart little girl! I guess we could kind of say that was her first word!

Here is a video of Maycie growling:


The last 2 days have been ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! It is a big change from the snow we got a week ago! With the weather being so beautiful we couldn't help but be outside. On Friday we spent the day at the zoo with some friends, and today we worked out in the yard a bit and then we went to the park in the afternoon! My family says they don't see enough pictures so I am going to post a few from the last few days!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Snow

One of our Sunday rules is that we don't play outside, since it is the Sabbath day. Well, we broke that rule today! Since it is only 1-2 times a year that we get snow, it is really exciting! It came as a big surprise to us this late in the season but we will take it! It will all be gone tomorrow and then we will be ready for the 70 degree weather coming later this week. I LOVE Tennessee!!

P.S. Lucky for us we have an artistic Daddy! He made the Snow Dog. Mommy would not have ever been able to do that!