Sunday, November 25, 2007


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! We visited Scott's sister Amy's(Egnew) family in North Carolina. It was a short and sweet visit since we left Wed. and came back Fri. The Egnews live on a little farm with a cow, 2 goats, and a bunch of chickens. I think that the neighbors Pot-Bellied Pig thinks he lives there too as he would frequently come to visit. The kids had so we had much fun feeding the animals our scraps from our Thanksgiving Dinner and chasing them around. And for some reason I never got pictures of anything except us feeding animals. Oh well!! We had a blast with all the family there. I will tell you that we have not laughed as hard as we did there in years. The Allen family knows how to have fun!! Oh I did get on picture of all the girl cousins together. The boys were nowhere to be found.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Miss Mischief!!

Emery has really been keeping us on our toes!! She is very much a busy body, as most toddlers are. As posted before she is very intrigued by mommy's makeup. Luckily she has only gotten into it 1 time!! Well one day it was quiet a little bit too long so I went to go check and see what she was doing. Well, I could see all the traces of her along the way to the kitchen where she had pulled the chair to the sink and was "Keening". Now that wouldn't be so bad if she had only stuck to cleaning the dishes but she had taken the soapy sponge and tried to clean the couch, the TV, the carpet, you name she was cleaning it!! Everything that she "cleaned" had soapy bubbles all over it!! So of course that gave mom a lot of cleaning to do.

One night recently, Sharalee came over with her girls to watch Emery so that I could go out with the Missionaries. When I got back Sharalee was leaving so I went outside with them to say goodbye. While Sharalee and I were chatting for a bit Emery had gone back in the house. It had been a few minutes so I ran inside real quick to see what she was doing. She was having a great time!! I asked her what she was doing and she said "I eat it, Chocolate!!" She had gotten herself a spoon and was digging in.

I don't have a picture of this next one but.... I teach piano lessons and while I teach Emery usually takes a nap or she will just play in her room. She really does pretty good. Well one day I had left her Humidifier out (I know this was really my fault!!) and she was curious and playing with it. She got water all over and instead of leaving it at that she pulled the filter out and shredded in a million pieces!! I just about died when I realized what had happened. But what do you do?? She is just curious!!!


Yes, I know!! Haloween was weeks ago. But I couldn't not post these cute pictures of our sweet little "Butterfly". Just before Halloween we got together with our good friends Justen and Jonathan. We went to the pumpkin patch and picked out perfect pumpkins and brought them home to carve. This is what we came up with!! We had such a blast.

A few days before Halloween we started talking to her about it and told her that she will dress up as a Butterfly and we will knock on our neighbors doors and say Trick-or-Treat, etc. Well that day finally came around and it only took 2 houses before she was pointing to each house saying "and that one, and that one, Trick-or-Treat!?!" She knew that as soon as she said that they would give her candy!!

Emery got so much candy on Halloween!! She also got Play-Doh!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Emery got into mommy's makeup!! She got into the mascara and tried to put it on her eyes. Daddy put her in time out and after she got out we were telling her that she is beautiful without makeup and she said "Emery TUTE!!(cute)"

Friday, November 2, 2007

We Are Family!!

I just couldn't help but post these pictures. I think they are great!! In August Cammie came out for a last minute visit right before she started school. We had lots of fun!! While she was here we all went to Chuck E. Cheese together and we all tried to squeeze into the booth for pictures!! It was fun and we were determined to get a picture that all 8 of us were in. Needless to say it took about 10 tries to get 1 good one. These are a few of our favorites:

Top: Scott, Tasha, Emery, Sharalee, Steve

Bottom: Cammie, Kinzy, Kaylee

Thursday, November 1, 2007

She Never Seizes to Amaze Me!!

The other day Emery and I were in the car going to Publix (grocery shopping). While we were driving there Emery was saying "Mama! Mama Look!!" So I looked in the mirror to see what she wanted and she was putting her thumbs and pointer fingers together in a triangle shape and said "Look Mom Tiangle". I just thought that it was amazing that she put that together since neither Scott or I had ever shown her that.

It was raining that day and when we got back home we saw a big rainbow in the sky. At first Emery looked at it and said "Rainbow" then she realized how big it was and said "Rainbow, Roun' 'n Roun' like a Circle"!! Once again I was so amazed that she put it together like that. I didn't realize that she was paying enough attention when we talked about shapes to be able to relate it to everyday things!!

Kids really know and understand so much more than you think. And I am learning everyday the importance of teaching your children good things. Especially on the days that Emery repeats things that I didn't think she was listening to. OOPS!!

Just a Few of Emery's Favorite Things...

It is amazing how such simple things bring so much JOY to children!! I love to watch Emery's face as she discovers new things. These are just a few of the things that make Emery very HAPPY!!

1. Story Time ... At the Library and at home we take turns reading to each other

2. Playing at the Park

3. Going for walks... In Emery's case "runs" I almost have to run to keep up with her

4. Going to Publix... Free Cookies!! (she knows what it's all about)

5. Cleaning .... No Joke!! She "hep you keen" all the time!!

6. Food!!

7. Talking on the phone to Mama Sharon and Papa Howie and the fam

8. Singing/Dancing ...

9. Wearing Bows ... She loves to go look at herself in the mirror after I fix her hair

10. Telling Jokes with Daddy ... Emery always says "Woka-Woka" and laughs

11. Food!! When Emery wants to eat she says "Mama I eat sumpin'!?!"

12. Playing with her cousins

13. Visiting Gram and Pop

14. Coloring

15. Playing with friends

16. People ... Emery says "HI" to Everyone

17. Animals ... Especially dogs!!

18. Bath Time ... she loves the water!! Too bad Swim season is over!!

19. Blankie and Lovey ... Can't sleep without them!!

20. Jumping in Puddles ... Emery Loves it when it rains!!

NOTE: Yes I did mention food twice!! Emery loves to eat. She loves the Toddler staples Mac n Cheese, PB&J, Spaghetti, Cereal, Cheese, Candy, Cookies. But I think she is a very good eater considering that she is 2 and some of her favorites also include tomatoes, peas, broccoli, green beans, and any kind of fruit!!


I had tried to post this in July when we did this but I had a very hard time adding the pictures and it didn't work out so here it is....

We had decided that it was time for Emery to give her paci up and thought what better way than for her to do it herself!! We bought a bunch of balloons and invited Emery's cousins Rebekah and Ellie over and we had a "Bye, Bye Paci Party". We had Emery gather up all of her Paci's and tie them to the strings of the balloons. We went outside and told Emery to let her Paci's go up to heaven for the new little babies. I don't think she really understood that but after much coaxing she finally let them go!! We waved them good-bye and then went inside and ate Rice Krispie treats to celebrate Emery being a BIG GIRL!! That night when we put her to bed she did cry saying "Paci, Boon, Sky" "Bye-Bye Paci". It took her about 2-3 days of talking through it and then she was fine going to bed without it.

It's Been Awhile

So I am just not the best at this blogging thing!! I am just not good at keeping it up. I do have a lot that I want to post though... I will start off with updates on all of us:

She is definitely the light of our life!! She is so full of energy and keeps us moving along with her. She loves to dance and sing and is having fun learning her shapes and colors. She can count to ten and can sing many songs from beginning to end... "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" being among the favorites!! She also loves to frequent the Library for Story Time and also loves to play outside. Emery is talking so well and is constantly learning new things everyday!!

He is a very busy man right now. Scott works for a company called Medical Reimbursements of America. He works full-time to help process Worker's Compensation claims. He is also going to school 3 nights a week and when he is not at school he is doing homework. He is so excited because tonight he started his Business Program and will finish next December. HOORAY!! Scott is the ward clerk so Sunday's are hardly a day of rest...pretty much just a day of rest from HOMEWORK!! But among all that he is such a good, FUN daddy. He is always making us laugh!!

I am keeping very busy myself!! Keeping up with Emery is fun and exhausting. But I would have to say that there is pretty much nothing better than being a Wife and Mother. I started teaching piano lessons this summer and as of right now have 8 piano students and soon to be more. It has been so rewarding to see all those years of piano lessons starting to pay off!! And to see the confidence and happiness that my students get as they learn new things is just exhilarating. And also for those of you that don't know, I was called as the Relief Society 2nd Counselor this summer. I am in charge of Enrichment Meetings/Activities. It is very fun and keeps me busy!!

So these are my excuses for not keeping my blog updated!!! I do think about updating it all the time I just don't get to it. I am going to be posting some pictures of things that we have done since last time I updated!!